Paris, Tu Me Manques

If you were looking for something to bring back from Paris for yourself or someone you love dearly, look no further - I've got you covered! This white porcelain mug from a brand called "Nothing As" is the most sophisticated and refined souvenir piece I've ever encountered. Finished with elegant gold edging, it adds something special to your everyday morning routine. Oh, and did I mention it says "Paris, tu me manques" on the inner side?.. You can get it at Les Arts Décoratifs, Galeries Lafayette and apparently even online.


Привезти что-то красивое и небанальное для себя и своих близких из поездки в Париж - настоящий квест! Если вы, как и я, стараетесь обходить стороной туристические лавки, вам наверняка понравится эта изящная фарфоровая кружка от бренда "Nothing As" - тот случай, когда аляповатая сувенирка уступает место элегантности; такой сувенир хочется не только привезти в подарок, но ещё и иметь на собственной кухне. Вроде бы сущая мелочь, но даже завтрак с ней превращается в особый ритуал. Забыла упомянуть: внутри, сразу под золотистым ободком, написано "Paris, tu me manques" - тут должен быть хэштег #doesitgetanybetterthanthis (no, it doesn't). Приобрести кружку можно в Les Arts Décoratifs, Galeries Lafayette и, судя по всему, даже онлайн.

Photos edited by Sergey Povoroznyuk

Fragments | Paris

If you ever get tired of hearing French and eating baguettes, head over to Fragments - a tiny cafe in Le Marais, where they serve incredible coffee and not a tiny bit less incredible food. Opened in late 2013 by Youssef Louanjli, this cozy cafe is almost a symbol of multiculturalism: avocado toasts are reminiscent of photos you see on the Instagrams of Aussie and LA-based bloggers, the staff speaks perfect English, brick walls remind you of New York whereas minimalistic design and wooden furniture make you feel as if you're in Stockholm. A great place for a breakfast with friends.

Where? 76 rue de Tournelles, 75003
When? Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00


Если вы однажды устанете от французской речи и хруста багетов, отправляйтесь во Fragments - крошечное кафе в квартале Марэ, в котором можно выпить чашечку восхитительного кофе и съесть не менее восхитительный завтрак. Открытое в конце 2013-го Юсефом Луанжли, оно вобрало в себя фрагменты разных культур: тосты с авокадо напоминают о фотографиях австралийских и лос-анджелесских блогеров, персонал прекрасно говорит по-английски, кирпичные стены пробуждают в памяти нью-йоркские интерьеры, а минималистичный дизайн и деревянная мебель переносят в Стокгольм. Замечательное место для дружеского бранча.

Где? 76 rue de Tournelles, 75003
Когда? Пн-пт 8:00-18:00, сб-вс 10:00-18:00

Marseille 2016: Photo Diary. Part I

Who would have thought back in spring when I was booking my tickets to Marseille, that the three days I will spend in this southern city will be the only days that I'll get to wear lightweight dresses and denim shorts this summer? (By the way, I'm still trying to get rid of the unfortunate sun lines which turned out to be particularly ugly this time thanks to the cutouts on my dress - I very much hope zebras are still in fashion!) Although my heart will always be in Paris, I quite enjoyed this Mediterranean city and everything it has to offer - from magical views of the Old Port and mellow evenings to the sweetest apricots and the most delicious lemon/lavender ice cream I've ever tried.


Кто бы мог подумать весной, что в этом году всё лето для меня уместится в три дня, проведённых в Марселе? Вернувшись из Франции, я не вылезаю из джинсов и кутаюсь в совсем уже осенние джемперы - последние прячут мой весьма эксцентричный средиземноморский загар, напоминающий о полотнах Пикассо (да-да, платья с вырезами особенно хороши, если вы всю жизнь мечтали походить на зебру). Несмотря на то что моё сердце всегда будет принадлежать Парижу, в Марселе хочется остановить время - чтобы подольше наслаждаться видами Старого порта, спелыми вечерами, сладкими абрикосами и мороженым со вкусом лимона и лавандового мёда в квартале Le Panier.

Photos edited by Sergey Povoroznyuk

How to Travel When You Suffer with Anxiety

[русский текст - ниже]

It feels odd to be typing a blog post again. A lot of things have happened since spring, and taking some pressure off my shoulders deliberately not only felt right but allowed me to take a step back and reevaluate my goals, as well as gave me much needed time to let the creative juices flow again. You know that feeling that something new and exciting is about to happen very soon? Well, that's exactly how I feel. However, it wasn't always like that - you learn how to be grateful only after you've experienced a fair share of difficulties.

As some of my friends know now, I've been dealing with anxiety for the past 8 years (you can't really tell when looking at the photo above, right?). Although anxiety disorder is sadly becoming a more and more common thing, our society has yet to learn how to be more accepting. People who suffer with anxiety still have to hide their problems and deal with them on their own because they're afraid of being judged, rejected or - which is the worst - pitied. The truth is, those who suffer with anxiety don't differ from those who suffer with, say, diabetes. Yes, those, who have to deal with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis should get professional help, but it doesn't change their personality or make them weak - in fact, I personally believe that having to live with this mental disorder made me much stronger and wiser than I've ever been before.

However, anxiety does affect daily lives of those suffering with it: trivial things such as talking on the phone may become almost impossible, forcing us to refuse to participate in certain activities because what is "not a big deal" to others feels like an insurmountable obstacle for us. For example, traveling - a topic which is often discussed here on Appelez-moi Ana.

Although we all know that the best memories are made out of our comfort zone, when you lose control over your thoughts, the mere idea of hopping on a plane and going abroad seems daunting. The closer the day of departure, the more you think about whether you should cancel the reservation and just stay home, where everything is familiar and nothing is stressing you out too much. However, as my therapist pointed out back in 2009 when I was contemplating whether I should go on a trip to Italy or not, traveling causes what is called "eustress", aka "positive stress". When you sip your coffee while soaking up the sun at Café de Flore, the anxiety's fingers suddenly unclench and you realize that it's actually not as scary as you thought it will be.

Of course, there are some tips and tricks that will help you stress out less before the trip and have an all in all better experience while abroad. As a seasoned fighter, I'm here to share mine.

1. Organize your trip in advance (2-6 months before). It not only takes off the pressure of finding an Airbnb room in a booked out city last minute but also gives you much needed time to get used to the idea of actually going on a trip, therefore reducing chances of experiencing severe anxiety or panic attacks as the departure date approaches. When purchasing the plane tickets and choosing whether to use Couchsurfing or stay at a hotel, think carefully - when you have anxiety, it's usually wiser to pay more for a ticket with fewer stops and a place where you can relax without having to communicate with anyone. I would also advise googling how to get from the airport to the place you'll be staying at - write down the detailed instructions and print them out so you don't need to worry when you arrive.

2. Plan out your days. Knowing what exactly you wanna see, which places you wanna visit and in which cafes you wanna eat, will not only help you avoid the situation when you come back home and realize you haven't done half the things you wanted to do, but will also reduce stress. Extra tip: don't forget to schedule in some me time - whether it is lounging in your room in pajamas, strolling around the city on your own or spending an hour on your laptop surfing the web (I personally find it very relaxing), do make sure you will have enough time to unwind. Be realistic and don't try to fit in too many activities, as running from one museum to another will only make you anxious and emotionally exhausted. (If you want me to share how exactly I plan out my days while traveling, let me know and I'll be happy to do that in one of my next blog posts.)

3. Have a backup plan. To minimize the stress caused by all the things that could potentially happen - you're not the only person overthinking everything, trust me - simply prepare for them! Print out copies of all your documents (in case any of them get stolen); pack more medicine than you need (in case your return flight is delayed - don't forget to put it in your carry-on, cause your suitcase may get lost); write down all the addresses and phone numbers you may need; download offline maps; etc.

4. Pack some sleeping pills. In the past, the very first night of the trip has often been a disaster for me: I would spend hours trying to fall asleep, then I would wake up scared and not realizing where I am because of a sudden panic attack and eventually I would lock myself in the bathroom in order to calm down and come back to my senses. Tired of all that, I'm now packing a couple of sleeping pills with me - I don't use them all the time, but even knowing that I have them in my bag gives me confidence. If you don't have sleeping problems when traveling, but you're still worried you'll be feeling anxious away from home, try taking with you something that brings you comfort (from a teddy bear or a pillow to a family photo, a stress ball or a pair of headphones to keep you distracted with music).

5. Finally, take it easy. During my last trip to Paris, I planned to do so many exciting things: climb the Arc de Triomphe, go to Les Arts Décoratifs, visit Musée Rodin and Musée Picasso, meet up with all of my lovely friends... However, when I got there, I adjusted my plans quite a lot: sometimes, I preferred to be spontaneous instead of following the plan; sometimes, the weather wasn't good to go to a park or it was on the contrary too good to spend a day in the museum; sometimes, I didn't have enough energy to do what I wanted to do. The most important thing is, to do what you feel like doing and enjoy doing that instead of focusing on what you can't do or stretching yourself too thin.

I hope you found these tips helpful and they will encourage you to not be afraid next time you'll have an opportunity to travel somewhere. When it comes to anxiety, it's important to accept it and learn how to live with it - but it's also important to not let it take control over your life. If you have any other tips you would like to add, please don't hesitate to share them in the comments down below.

Have a happy week!

Photo edited by Sergey Povoroznyuk

Les Vacances

As you may have noticed, this past month there haven't been any updates on Appelez-moi Ana. This post is to inform you that due to personal reasons, Appelez-moi Ana is going on vacation until July. If you don't wanna miss the next article, please follow us on Bloglovin' or Instagram. We'll be back soon with lots of exciting new content. A bientôt!


Как вы могли заметить, в мае блог совсем не обновлялся - последняя статья вышла в конце апреля. Этим постом я хотела бы сообщить, что Appelez-moi Ana уходит на вынужденные каникулы до июля. Если вы не хотите пропустить следующую статью, подписывайтесь с помощью Bloglovin' и InstagramA bientôt!

20 Best Marinières for Any Budget!

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Word of the day: marinière! Also known in France as "tricot rayé", it is a long-sleeved shirt with horizontal stripes (usually in white and blue). Originating from the French Navy, it has become a fashion staple in the 20th century - remember the jersey ones Coco Chanel popularised or the iconic outfit Jean Seberg wore in "À Bout de Souffle"? Basically, if you are an aspiring fashion blogger and you're out of ideas, write about striped tops. If you're running out of time in the morning and don't know what to wear - put on your striped top. Heck, if you're a young designer and nobody's is buying your elaborate creations, it's time to introduce a good ol' striped top! See? Everybody loves striped tops.

The traditional marinière - the one French sailors wear - has 20 blue stripes on the bodice and 14 stripes on the sleeves, each spaced 20 millimetres apart from each other. However, if this sounds a little too boring, feel free to get creative - lately, designers have been exploring the various types of stripes proving that a pinch of color is always a good idea and awning stripes can look just as flattering as the narrow ones. Vertical and diagonal, bright and neutral, classic cut or the off-the-shoulder version that fashion crowd seems to love dearly this season - you name it!

To make searching for that perfect marinière a little easier for you, I selected my 20 favorite ones - whether you will decide to spend only 15 euros on a tee from La Redoute or splurge on a monochromatic beauty from Carven, there's no stopping you from being your own version of chic this spring.

By the way, which one of these telnyshkas do you like the most?

1. Les Petits Prix | 2. Monki | 3. Laura Clement | 4. Weekday | 5. R Essentiel | 6. Soft Grey
7. J.Crew | 8. ZARA | 9. Vila | 10. ASOS | 11. ZARA | 12. ZARA | 13. Soft Grey
14. Gucci | 15. Mara Hoffman | 16. The Great | 17. T by Alexander Wang | 18. Chinti and Parker
19. Carven | 20. Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons

Excuse My... Party!? Introducing the "Airbnb de la Fête"

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A few months ago I came across an Instagram account titled "Excuse MyParty". The name immediately grabbed my attention - as some of you may know, I study Français in a language school called "Excuse My French". Turned out the account belongs to a French start-up which brings together people who are willing to host and attend private house parties.

Featured in such publications as Grazia, Madame Figaro and Metro, the "Airbnb de la Fête" is definitely something to keep an eye on - and I'm personally looking forward to attending one of the ambiançages during my trip to Paris this summer. This week Excuse MyParty founders have kindly agreed to respond to a few questions - keep reading to find out how to participate in one of the parties, what does the future hold for EMP and what are the secrets of a successful event.

Could you please tell us a little about when was Excuse MyParty launched and by who? How did you come up with the concept?

The concept itself is quite simple: everybody can host or participate in a collaborative house party and meet cool people through the website.

At the beginning - in 2013 - it was just about Bruno Haddad and Philippe Vitry, two friends and roommates, that were used to organize house parties in their apartment in Paris where friends, friends' friends and strangers met. For us, these private parties (more cozy and friendly than traditional festive offers of Paris,)symbolize what we call in French slang the "ambiançage" - a great party made with good stuff and cool people.

After having experienced expensive Parisian bars and clubs without having found any "ambiançage", in 2014, we spontaneously created the idea of a collaborative festive revolution. This project took form of the "Airbnb of house parties" and was called "Excuse MyParty".

We were quickly joined by John Tossou (now Business Developer UK), Romain Dufflot (CTO) and Laurent Imbeaux (Artistic Director). A company was created in early 2015 and the team ended up developing the beta version of the website. In May 2015, Excuse MyParty was launched in an arty loft in the heart of Paris, with over 100 guests attending to share a true moment of happiness. Inside the apartment, the bed was turned into a photocall, the DJ set came from the sofa, cocktails and pizzas were all homemade, everyone could take a beer directly from the fridge in the kitchen and the bathroom was transformed into a champagne bar. Quite a program, right?

One year after the launch, hundreds of house parties have spontaneously been organized by our blossoming community via Excuse MyParty.

How does it all work? How does one participate in a party - or even becomes a host? Are there any specific rules?

Excuse MyParty connects hosts and guests in an easy way, by allowing the community to create or participate in private parties thanks to an integrated house party marketplace. Our system is based on trust - however, Excuse MyParty provides full descriptions, encourages completed profiles and displays mutual friends for every member of the platform.

The host - the Ambianceur - creates the house party according to a hashtag and a theme. In addition to time, place and theme, the Ambianceur chooses how many tickets will be made available, determines the admission fee - if any (for example, to finance food and drinks), or on the opposite, turns himself into a modern time Gatsby and throws a lavish fete in his fancy mansion.

On the other side, the guests - the Ambiancés - use Excuse MyParty to find the event that suits them most according to place, date, theme, host, etc. Then they can apply for the party and pay the entrance fee (for themselves and their friends).

The house party itself - the Ambiançage - is an opportunity to meet cool people in a unique context. A rooftop in Singapore, a champagne shower in Paris, a pool party in Barcelona... One platform, infinite possibilities. The sky is the limit!

What are some of the most memorable parties that were organized through Excuse MyParty?

There were quite a few, but out best memory has to be a spontaneous birthday that was organized for an Italian guy Jacopo from Torino who was traveling to Paris for business. According to him, he had "the best unexpected birthday celebration ever"; as the founders of Excuse MyParty, in that moment we realized that what we created could help people to be a little bit happier - which is already a great accomplishment for us.

We also had a famous DJ called Panteros666 from Club Cheval once - he is a fan of our concept and it was an honor for us to have someone like him!

What do you think are the secrets of throwing a really good party?

Usually the best parties are the simplest ones! You can't go wrong with good products (food and drinks), good music and a nice place. And don't forget to invite your neighbors to make the party last longer!

Of course, part of Excuse MyParty's success is that the parties are quite private, even secret in a way, which helps to create the ambiance of something alluring and special. On the other hand, it's still a commercial project, meaning it has to grow. How do you grow something like this, yet keep it rather intimate, something "for friends only"?

The concept is not meant to be kept for friends, but rather to be spread to our friends and our friends' friends and their friends, etc. until we finally create our own community of cool people. There are now thousands of people looking for house parties on the platform. But as the address is private until people are validated by the host and the capacity is limited, all our parties will keep their intimacy.

Indeed, the project has to grow as we want to fully become the Airbnb of our sphere. For us, growing doesn't mean opening clubs but rather offering more and more house parties and answering to a growing demand. We hope in the future it will be possible to first book a flat on Airbnb and then book a house party on Excuse MyParty to meet locals when traveling.