Opera Garnier

Friday, October 23

When I was 13, I was obsessed with Phantom of the Opera.

It all started with a 2004 movie starring Gerard Butler and (divine!) Emmy Rossum; then I read a book by Gaston Leroux - teenage me, snuggled in bed on a chilly February evening, believed every word the Frenchman wrote. Soon after, I visited Paris for the first time - you can't imagine how disappointed I was that we missed the opening hours and I lost the chanсe to knock on the column in the legendary box №5!

Years have passed, and I became much more obsessed with the building itself (Stella McCartney knows where to stage her shows) rather than the myth. I finally visited Opera Garnier in 2012, and it's quite frankly breathtakingWarning: the abundance of gold may cause swooning! And so may Marc Chagall's colourful ceiling that was added in 1964. The Opera itself was built in the 19th century foNapoléon III who wished for a new theatre located closer to his residence after he was attacked by Felice Orsini while on his way to Salle Le Peletier.

If you're not in a rush, stop by the souvenir shop - it cells a bunch of pretty little things including cute stationery and Christian Lacroix' postcards. But my favorite thing to do? Grab some macarons from Sadaharu Aoki, sit on the stairs at Place de l'Opéra and listen to Youri Menna's live performance - more on that next week.

Have you ever been in Opera Garnier? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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