Youri Menna

Wednesday, October 28

Earlier this week I mentioned that one of the things that I enjoyed doing the most in Paris was listening to Youri Menna while sitting on the stairs of Palais Garnier. It's time to tell you who this mysterious artist is!

Last year while I was on my way to check out the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette, I stumbled upon a guy singing Queen's "We Are The Champions" in front of the Opera. He gathered quite a crowd and people weren't even trying to hide their excitement and joy. Later I found out his name is Youri Menna and he's quite famous in Paris and worldwide for his street performances.

Born in the area of Naples, he plays guitar and sings (both his original compositions and cover versions) in the most picturesque places of the French capital: from Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur to Champ de Mars and Parisian metro. I felt so lucky to witness one of his live concerts - and by a complete accident! Wonderful memories.

To stay updated on the upcoming performances, follow Youri Menna on Instagram and Facebook. Those that aren't coming to Paris anytime soon, can purchase his album via iTunes.

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