Allez Zénith!

Wednesday, October 21

I'm trying my best to type, but my fingers just won't do the job. Blame the Champions League and Olympique Lyonnais that arrived to St. Petersburg to play against Zenit! (And my ripped jeans that clearly should've stayed behind my wardrobe's closed doors considering the temperatures dropped below the zero)

If you've ever attended a football game, you know there's always this clown that tries to outshine the players and screams the most ridiculous nonsense from the kick-off and to the final whistle - but those comments can actually be fun, as long as they aren't based on racism and similar hatred. Yesterday the most memorable joke was based around the France-Russia Mistral dispute - and the Frenchmen had to pay with three conceded goals. Sounds like a proper revenge, doesn't it?

I bet you didn't quite expect to see sports related posts on this blog, but football is actually one of the main reasons I've recently started learning the language of Deneuve and Dior. Next summer I'm going to France for UEFA EURO 2016: football that back in 2008 became my passion and my lifebuoy all at the same time, helped me discover volunteering which changed my life once and for all. In 9 months I hope to walk around Parc de Princes looking all smug and dapper - and I better speak French by the time I land in Paris in June.

And what motivates you to learn foreign languages?

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