Christmas Lights at Champs-Élysées

Monday, November 23

Despite the tragic events that took place in Paris on the 13th of October, last Thursday Champs-Élysées were lit with Christmas lights that have over the years become one of the iconic symbols of the holiday season worldwide. This time they were turned on by Jean Dujardin - the famous French actor who starred in such films as The Artist (2011) and 99 Francs (2007).

Last year I had a pleasure to witness the lights being switched on by Omar Sy during the official ceremony. Unfortunately, we stood on the opposite side of the street and since we couldn't hear a word it all happened by complete surprise when we weren't prepared at all. The lights turned Champs-Élysées into a magical place straight out of a fairy tale: the trees were shimmering with an array of glimmering shooting stars and cascades of twinkling sparkles.

Some say festive lights encourage shoppers to open their wallets more eagerly, meaning the earlier they are turned on the more time retailers have to profit from the holiday season hysteria. And although I'm not gonna deny that - I do believe this observation is quite true - I have to say the Christmas illuminations make tiny little snowflakes dance and whirl in my stomach.

When do you start purchasing gifts and decorating for Christmas? How do they decorate your city in anticipation of the holidays?

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