It's Magic! by Garou

Friday, November 27

I'm currently sipping season's classic Christmas Mystery tea and my kitchen is overflowing with clementines' aroma. Only 30 sleeps left 'till Christmas and just a little over a month 'till we enter 2016 (where did this year even go?!). It's time to start searching for gifts, looking for the perfect outfit and planning out the Big Night's menu (my family for example is very much looking forward to the turkey that's supposed to sit on the table nicely this year surrounded by all the traditional cold salads).

I know for sure I'm gonna spend a whole evening trying to find the festive movie I haven't seen yet, but will stick to my cherished and beloved The Holiday and Love Actually. Followed by a warm bath (Lush's "Lord of Misrule" bath bomb is a must!) and tender voices of Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis wishing me a Merry Little Christmas and reminding that this is the most wonderful time of the year. All this makes December so very special and worth the long wait. It's that time when even the most liberal people become a tiny bit conservative and start enjoying all the sweet festive rituals. Decorating Christmas tree with vintage ornaments (my favorite is the cosmonaut from the USSR times), piling up chocolate boxes and caviar jars during the family trip to the supermarket, a good old washbowl of Olivier salad and The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!, gathering together with the family in front of the telly and counting down 'till midnight... Yes, Johnny, it is the most wonderful time of the year indeed.

My oh my! I planned to keep the introduction short but it quickly turned into me blabbering about how much I love winder holidays. Anyway! My point is: if you respect the traditions a lot, but are a tad bit tired of listening to Now That's What I Call Christmas! and Christmas by Michael Bublé over and over again, I highly recommend purchasing Garou's It's Magic!

Thanks to my French classes I now know that the Canadian singer's alias (his real name is Pierre Garand) means werewolf. His Christmas album is not about revelations and eccentricity, but it is a very solid festive long play, each song of which smells like marzipan cake, sparkles like champagne and sounds like fireworks. In short, sets the mood - even if December is overshadowed with traffic jams, stressful gift shopping and a lack of sleep.

What is your favorite thing about the season that quickly approaches?

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