Parlez-vous Français? #2: First Steps

Wednesday, November 25

It's been almost a month since I started learning Français, and just as I predicted it's been an infinite struggle so far.

The very first lesson made me miss those good ol' days when I was studying Spanish and Italian and life was so utterly simple and I could read fluently after the first class. The grammatical structures in French are different from everything I've ever learned before, and I find it extremely hard to adapt my body to reproduce the sounds that are so very strange and unfamiliar.

I also figured that when it comes to Français it's safer to go slowly than to rush things up. Take your time and do try to work profoundly on pronunciation; repeat things over and over again until you actually understand why this word goes this way and why this particle is placed exactly where it is placed; practice and write down sentences until you know you'll be able to wake up in the middle of the night and count backwards, substitute "qu'est-ce que" with "est-ce que", and explain the difference between "boucher" and "boulanger".

I'm thankful to our teacher, who class after class helps us understand the essence of the language a little better and fall in love with it a little more. Those few hours in our tiny group of three make me look forward to every Saturday.

Now what I need to do, is find time and energy to actually study after a long day at work too...


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