Interview: Georgiana Boboc talks Paris

Wednesday, December 23

In November I published an interview with Valeriya Voyakovskaya in which she spoke about the minimum wages in France, strolling along the Seine river and the hypnotizing beauty of Fondation Louis Vuitton. This month's heroine is the ever so lovely Georgiana Boboc, the author behind Vintage Traffic. Keep reading to find out why this stunning girl from Southeast Europe decided to move to Paris, where to search for vintage pieces and what's the name of the city's best museum for all fashion lovers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, when and why did you move to Paris?
I'm Romanian born and raised, I moved to Paris almost 5 years ago after deciding that I should study fashion marketing. I got my Master's degree in the business of fashion after one year of intense studies. I worked as an intern for various fashion companies and after a few work experiences in the field I decided to continue my career path as a freelancer. It has now been 4 years since I'm committed as a full-time stylist and blogger to my web site, Vintage Traffic.
What was it like - starting from the scratch in a different country? Which difficulties did you face after moving?
It is never easy to change things in our lives; no matter what the actual decision was, any change takes time and patience. I have always been open-minded toward other cultures. France was definitely a country that intrigued me, full of curiosities and with a rich history behind. I fell in love with a French boy (now my fiancé for over 7 years); we met in my native country while we were both students and decided to give France a go for our future together. It simply worked for us, we both love it and we never regretted our choice to live here. I studied French for a while, so the language came quite naturally to me. It could have been the biggest struggle, but luckily it wasn't. The biggest issue for me is missing my family and friends, whom mostly due to lack of time I don't see as often as I wish.
Your blog features a lot of vintage and up-and-coming designers. What is your favorite place to shop for vintage
in Paris and what are the young designers you admire the most?
True, I have always been passionate about vintage clothing. I started my blog when there was almost no knowledge in my country about the culture of vintage and with the biggest envy to learn more about it. Now my blog is a mix and match of vintage and modern pieces. Eclectic accessories are probably my most obvious obsession. 
In Paris, I usually search in the thrift shops around Le Marais for affordable and cute little things, especially coats and dresses. As for the emerging designers I admire the most, the list would be too long. Every brand I feature on my blog is something I believe in. Otherwise I wouldn't do it. I'm a brand ambassador for a few, including my all-time favorite Australian brand: House of Cannon.
What do you love Paris for the most, and what you dislike about the city?
What I love the most about Paris is its limitless history and elegance. The streets of Paris are like haute couture to me. I'm such a romantic, so no wonder I love it so much. Of course there's no place on earth where "la vie" is always "rose". 
I would say I dislike the endless queues, I miss many exhibitions because of those. I also dislike the small apartment I live in and the lack of space for all my shoes!
Please name your three favorite places in Paris: the most fashionable cafe, the most stylish gallery or museum,
and something one absolutely has to experience before leaving the city.
The Ladurée café/pastry shop in St. Germain - the nicest cliché of all. Palais Galliera museum for many fascinating fashion exhibitions. And as an experience, I would just suggest to wander the streets and get lost in the city. So many beauties to discover.
What are you must-do's when it comes to holiday season in Paris?
Winter holidays are special and meaningful for me, as long as I'm with the ones I love the most, in Paris or outside the city. This year I will spend my vacation in Australia, so - summer for New Year's Eve! 
In Paris, I like the Christmas market, many pretty shop window displays to look at, the ice skating, the mulled wine, Le Bon Marché and the huge variety of yummy things to buy, including all sorts of sweets and exquisite chocolate.
What are you looking forward to the most in 2016?
Traveling and exploring our beautiful planet, and of course developing new projects for the blog too.

Photos: @GeorgianaBoboc



  1. Насчёт очередей точно подмечено. Таких длинных как в Париже, пожалуй, не видел больше нигде

    1. Слушай, а мне вот, наверное, повезло, но я в Париже в очередях особо не стояла)

      Только в Лувре да в упомянутом флагманском Ladurée - но и стояние в этих заняло не больше 20-30 минут, так что терпимо) В Орсэ и на модные выставки вообще не было очередей, когда мы приезжали.

      Но я, конечно, не поднималась на Триумфальную арку и на Нотр-Дам - вот там очереди так очереди! А вообще, больше всего меня поразила очередь в Саграду Фамилью - мы на неё плюнули и поехали на Камп-Ноу (и, как ты понимаешь, получили даже больше удовольствия :р)

  2. Ну вот в сентябре я хотел зайти в Нотр Дам, галерею Лафайет, Сен-Шапель. В итоге не пошёл ни в одно из этих мест из-за жутких очередей) Жизнь слишком коротка, как говорится :)

    1. Ничего себе! А что за очереди были в Галерее Лафайетт? Или просто смутило столпотворение внутри?

  3. Была очередь на вход (на вход, КАРЛ!). Стоял охранник и пускал внутрь пачками по несколько человек

    1. Воу-воу-воу! Ну ничего себе :) Не сталкивалась с таким никогда прежде! Хотя в прошлом году в предрождественскую пору у витрин была чёртова туча народа - но это была настолько cheerful crowd, что частью её хотелось быть :)


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