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Thursday, December 17

Once obsessed with blogs, in the last couple of years I've been mostly unfollowing rather than following. Decluttering the digital space around you and unsubscribing from dozens of pretty yet pretty identical blogs is very powerful and purifying. When you do so, you're left with a handful of really talented authors that inspire and motivate and don't make you strive for something unachievable or spend your valuable time feeling envious of lives of people you know nothing about.

Unsurprisingly, there is an humongous number of blogs dedicated to Paris and France in general, and even though you can find some seriously beautiful photos and very useful tips in most of them, it is unrealistic and unnecessary to subscribe to all. Today I'm going to present you my Top-5 blogs - both standalone and Instagram ones - that are my go-to's when I need a pick-me-up (or just want to look at lovely images taken in my favorite city of all).


I came across Carin Olsson's blog long-long time ago - way before she became friends with Nicole Warne, started going to Dior fashion shows and collaborating with Cartier. Oh those good old days when she had just a few thousand subscribers on Instagram, hehe. Carin is a talented photographer from Sweden, who once moved to Paris for 4 months to follow her dream of living there and ended up eventually staying for good. If you like milky sunsets, swirls of chiffon and delicate petals first thing in the morning, you should definitely follow Carin. Through her photos you see just how fond of the city she is, and it's impossible not to fall head over heels in love with it too. However, Carin's blog is not just about Pinterest-perfect photos - she regularly posts tips on where to go and where to eat, and I personally used her recommendations quite a lot.


Australian Anna Dawson gained an audience of almost 50K followers on Instagram thanks to her daily posted photos of strolling around Paris with a pink balloon in hand. She does have a blog, but her Instagram account seems to be updated more frequently - this is the platform that I came across her on anyway. For me, The Balloon Diary is not just about admiring creative pics, but also about discovering new places and practicing French just while scrolling down my Insta feed. And that pink balloon is darn cute too, yes.


I remember stumbling upon Alix Bancourt's blog back in spring 2010 very-very well. I spent the night going through all (and by all, I mean ALL; oops! a totally unexpected Zoolander-2 pun) of her posts and felt so inspired afterwards, it made me create my very own blog the next day. She used to publish mostly outfit photos taken in the most picturesque places of Paris and the world in general, but now that she gave birth to a baby girl Iris earlier this year, her interests naturally shifted and she now posts photos of her adorable daughter more often than editorials in collaboration with brands like Kenzo or travel diaries from Tokyo and Los Angeles. If I had to describe Alix' style in three words, I'd say feminine, quirky and daydreaming. Two things that make her blog stand out? She accompanies every entry with a song that nails down the ambiance and shoots incredible Halloween editorials each year.


As stated on his official website, VuTheara Kham is a French photographer of Cambodian origins, who is fascinated by the light, street photography and urban landscapes. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are thousands of blogs dedicated to Paris, but most of the authors post exactly the same photos shot in the exactly same places. I personally would suggest to unfollow most if not all of them, and subscribe to VuTheara instead - his artistic view on Paris will not leave you indifferent. Rainy roads, narrow streets, men drinking their morning coffee and couples in love, cheeky pigeons and majestic Eiffel Tower... Your daily dose of Paris, indeed.


Unlike most street style blogs, Fred Vielcanet's blog hasn't really changed much over the course of the years. Instead of being swallowed by the gigantic machine of fashion industry, Fred chose to stay true to himself. He kept posting photos of well-dressed people wandering around Paris even when every street style photographer around the globe started snapping pics of the very same females sporting the very same season's must-haves by Givenchy, Céline and Alexander Wang. Yes, you will see the likes of Giovanna Battaglia and Helena Bordon here too, but in general the blog is a mishmash of photos of worldwide digital influencers and ordinary boys and girls that have a unique vision of fashion and know how to style their outfits properly.


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