Parlez-vous Français? #3: Little Victories

Monday, January 11

Bonjour à tous! It's time for me to report on how did my second month of studying French go. You can read the article I wrote back in November here - it's equally full of frustration and gratitude and it's quite nice to compare how I felt about the studies then and what I think now.

Firstly, I cannot quite believe it's been two months already. I suppose it's because when I was studying Spanish a few years ago, I had two 3-hour classes per week, which, looking back, was quite intense. This time around I'm taking things at a slower pace, and I think in case of French it is really the best thing to do. Not forcing yourself means the language becomes a part of you more naturally and more gradually, and in the end you really just don't even notice.

Secondly, I cannot believe I'm finally starting getting the hang of it! Yes, I still do make a lot of mistakes when reading and both my vocabulary and my grammar knowledge are quite limited, but I'm getting used to the pronunciation and to how the sentences are structured. As days go by, I become less and less frightened of speaking the language.

I can now say what my name is, how old I am, where I am from, what my occupation is, what I like and dislike. I can conjugate the verbs of the first group and some of the irregular ones, I can count and talk about date and time, I'm familiar with ne...pas and parce que.

Also, I think I'm starting to develop an interest in French music and cinema (an interest, which is absolutely necessary when you're studying a new language) - even though they both are something I have always been putting off as I've never considered myself a big fan of either of them. My lists of movies to watch and songs to listen are growing longer and I'm having fun watching various France-themed videos that pop up in my YouTube subscriptions daily.

Français, je t'aime.



  1. как это интересно) и не верится, что такой результат можно достичь всего за 2 месяца ^^

    1. Юля, спасибо за комментарий! :)
      Я порой отчаиваюсь, и мне кажется, что все знания в одно ухо влетают, а в другое вылетают, не откладываясь в голове - но потом оглядываюсь назад и понимаю, какой огромный путь пройден :) Так что только вперёд! :)

  2. Я вот в Бельгии говорил с франкоязычной частью населения по-английски, мне отвечали по-французски, и мы друг друга понимали :)

    1. Хе-хе :) А у нас в группе наоборот история: девушка поехала в Париж, общается с местными, говорит по-французски - а ей в ответ английская речь, так как акцент :p


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