Top-3 Apps to download before going to Paris

Wednesday, January 13

If you're going to Paris for the first time, hundreds of thoughts may be going through your mind making you feel anxious rather than excited. What if I take the wrong train? What if I get lost? What if I end up dining in a fancy restaurant with meh-food whilst I could've eaten a delicious meal in a local cafe paying very little money? Thankfully, we live in digital era, and installing a few apps will save you from all these disasters.


Paris Metro Map and Routes is a free app translated to most of the common languages that is super simple to use and will definitely become the app you will reach for the most while exploring the French capital by metro. It allows you to plan your routes and shows how much time the trip will take approximately, how many stations there are in between your A and B and how many times you will need to switch trains. It shows both the route summary (for those already familiar with Paris metro) and the map with detailed instructions (for those who have no idea how to pronounce "Ourcq" and which train to take to get to Disneyland). Most of the times you also have a few routes to choose from which is very handy.


Paris Travel Guide and Offline City Map is a fabulous free app for those who choose not to spend money on mobile Internet while traveling abroad. The offline city map feature is pretty amazing: if you ever get lost or don't know where to turn to find the place you're looking for (happened to my friend and I last year when we were looking for Primark and found ourselves surrounded by immigrants on a strange bus in the northeastern Paris - which is not the best neighborhood to explore on your own) just click on the cursor in the bottom right corner and the app will locate your position in mere seconds. The app also has the Discover section where you can read hundreds of reviews and articles on where to eat, where to stay and where to go if you want to explore Picasso's Paris, etc. Finally, you can make your very own lists of places you would like to visit, and then when you come to Paris you won't forget any of the amazing cafes and gardens you read about.


Spotted by Locals is a well-known app that provides you with offline city guides (currently over 65 cities). Although the app itself is free, you will have to pay a certain amount of money to unlock any of the guides in it. Once you download the guide, you can browse through various categories - from "Art & Culture" and "Snacks" to "Coffee & Tea" and "Relaxing", - add interesting spots to favorites, see which ones are nearby or in the area you're curious about. The best thing is, all the articles on the app are written by real people and are updated regularly, meaning you won't travel for 55 minutes only to find out the museum you wanted to visit is closed.

Which apps do you like to use when traveling abroad?



  1. Для оффлайновых карт использую CityMaps2Go. Не знаю, почему, но так привык :)

    P.S. спасибо за рекламу блога. В ближайшем посте про Францию или Евро-16 сделаю обратный реверанс)

  2. Саша, у меня приложение CityMaps2Go тоже установлено - это, считай, то же самое, что и Paris Tavel Guide & Offline City Map, о котором я рассказываю) Тот же Ulmon. Просто это отдельное приложение, посвящённое именно Парижу)

    По поводу рекламы - не за что! Рада была поделиться ссылкой, потому как считаю, что твой блог заслуживает внимания :)


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