Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks

Monday, February 22

Among the gifts that I found under the tree on New Year's Eve, was a beautiful book composed of illustrations by London-born Jason Brooks that he made during his journeys to Paris. Funny enough, I remember when I started developing an interest in fashion his illustrations for Hed Kandi record label were saved on my computer and I'm pretty sure at some point they even made it to my Nokia's background. From a teenager that used to spend summer months dancing the nights away to R'n'B tunes in Bulgaria, to a history of costume student obsessed with Paris - nowadays, I browse quickly through Brooks' colorful images of slender party girls and go straight to the section that features slick drawings of globetrotter women sporting designer creations.

A graduate of St. Martins and the Royal College of Art and a winner of Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration, Jason Brooks spent a fair share of his time illustrating couture shows in Paris for the Independent Newspaper (as well as LFW for Elle and NYFW for Visionaire). As it's stated on his official web site, he is "noted as being among the first illustrators to pioneer and popularize computer technology in his field". Published in May 2013, Paris Sketchbook is a compilation of both digital illustration and traditional drawings.

It consists of seven chapters, titled "Architecture", "Streets", "Cafes", "Fashion", "Shopping", "Art", "From point A to point B" and "Night". Each of them features not only illustrations, but also short and vivid comments that force the reader to daydream. Just like Parisian Chic, Jason Brooks' album can easily pass off as a city guide - on its pages you'll find dozens of cafes that you'll be dying to have un café au lait at, French desserts that will make your mouth water, exquisite shops to splurge at, museums to put on your bucket list, etc. The quality of the book is top-notch as well: I loved how they used different types of paper (from regular matte to glossy and even semi-transparent), and little finishing touches as the bookmark in the colors of French flag make me treasure it even more.

In my opinion, the book will be a great addition to anybody in love with Paris - I suggest getting it for yourself or for your best friend, especially now that the International Women's Day is approaching. And if your bestie is more of a London girl, there's a Jason Brooks book just for her (New York one to be released this year, yay!).


  1. В первый раз "слышу" об этой книге. Спасибо за пост, книга отправилась в список to read.

    1. Ура-ура, рада, что рецензия оказалась полезной! :) Я, признаться, тоже не слышала об этой книге до того, как мне её подарили) Но она однозначно заслуживает места на книжной полке!


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