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Tuesday, February 7

The view from the rooftop of Printemps

To be honest, at this point I do not understand how do some of my close friends and loved ones even tolerate me, considering the fact I have a tendency to disappear into thin air when swamped with studies and work - which happens quite often these days (example: I had a total of two days off in January). And that's exactly why I am so thankful to those who are patient and supportive and don't bombard me with messages over and over again (merci!). How do people manage to achieve their life goals and build meaningful relationships at the same time, though? Do the likes of Emma Stone (totally not obsessed with La La Land, what are you even talking about...) receive a complimentary time-turner once they reach a certain level of i-can't-do-this-anymore?..

This year has already proved to be quite challenging for me. It's just a little over a year until I finally (fingers crossed!) graduate, but it's really difficult to even think about my thesis when there are still 20 exams to pass by the end of June. All that forced me to take a 3-month break from French classes, and after returning to my school a couple weeks ago I've been feeling as a complete failure - which made me hate the language all over again and order a bunch of index cards in a desperate attempt to finally memorize the grammar.

I do hope to come to Paris in May though to visit the "Dalida" exhibition at Palais Galliera and take hundreds of photos of the cherry blossom trees! These days, when it's freezing cold and greyish in St. Petersburg, it is a nice thing to think of when setting the alarm for 8 AM. This, and the La La Land soundtrack on repeat. Totally not obsessed.

Photo  edited by Sergey Povoroznyuk

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