Monday, July 31

As someone who already owns a 'Merci Beaucoup' sweetshirt, I just couldn't pass by the 'Bonjour' tee. Slogan tops are everywhere these days (a few days ago I saw a really old man in the metro who had 'New Wave' plastered across his chest), making it simple to find the one that reflects your beliefs whether you are a feminist, an active supporter of Macron's Make Our Planet Great Again campaign or someone who believes in love at first sight.

Next Sunday I'm flying to Paris again (okay-okay, I promise not to wear this t-shirt on the plane); it will be my fifth trip to the capital of France and I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and finally visiting Versailles. If you know of any photogenic light-filled cafés, must-see exhibitions or secret addresses, I'll be glad to add them to my list of places to visit - and then write about here on the blog.

Photo by me. Editing by Sergey Povoroznyuk

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  1. Футболка прелестна!
    буду ждать Ваших фотографий из Парижа)


    1. :) Фотографиями буду радовать уже совсем скоро!) И спасибо за комплимент футболке!) Мне ещё очень нравится, что надпись бархатистая, а не просто принт :)


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