Last Days of August

Tuesday, August 29

There's something alluring about those last days of August - when the colour of your sunburned-turned-light-golden skin still reminds you of afternoons well spent gazing at the planes on the beach and the city is pleasantly quiet, allowing you to focus on those ambitious new plans, goals and tasks that you can't wait to start bringing to life come September. I always come back home from abroad immensely inspired - and with the new season upon us, I felt like it's time for a change.

After returning from Paris last week, I realized that I really want to change my French school. As much as I loved the school where I've been studying for the past 1.5 years, I had to admit that I haven't been making any progress whatsoever since last September - moreover, somewhere along the way I managed to even lose motivation. It pains me to say that, but last year was a waste of both time and money in terms of French... That's why this autumn I'll be starting my Mondays and Thursdays at 10:15AM at Institut Français - and I can't express just how excited I am! Let's hope that my "Parlez-vous Français?" series will be back soon - and this blog will be updated more frequently in general.

However, I'm not gonna promise anything - this semester is going to be intense: in the next seven months I will have to pass 24 exams in total, then take my finals and then present my graduation project in the end of March. Things I will be picturing when it gets especially tough and Ancient Egyptian ornaments start looking the same to me? How I'm gonna start the next academic year in Paris. As they say, don't give up a lifetime of happiness for a few moments of pleasure.

Photo by me. Editing by Sergey Povoroznyuk

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