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Thursday, May 24

As I am planning (quietly and slowly) a relaunch of my blog, I thought I should dive into the archives and share with you some of the best entries I published - a mix of articles I personally cherish and posts that readers seemed to like. Bonus? You get to see the photos I took in 2016 that were initially rejected, but did deserve to see the light of day. (Also, I could really use your feedback in regards to that whole relaunch thing - but more on that in a minute)

"Fashion Forward" at Les Arts Décoratifs. Held back in 2016, this exhibition became the first one I have ever visited at Les Arts Décoratifs. Encompassing over three centuries of exquisite clothing and accessories, it presented a striking visual evolution of fashion - the field I both study and work in. In this article I shared my impressions of the exhibition, as well as photos of some of the most stunning pieces.

A series of blog posts aboout Marseille. I travelled to the capital of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region to attend the semi-final game between the football teams of France and Germany, but I managed to squeeze in quite a bit of sightseeing too. This series is one of those I am proud of the most, as I really like how vivid the photos turned out (merci beaucoup to the wonderful climate of the region). You can find the first part of my photo diary here, and the second is right here. I have also published an article containing 5 reasons to book a ticket to Marseille and a list of 4 things you should buy when you get there.

Travelling by bus. As a student living on a rather tight budget, I am always looking for tips and tricks to save up a little bit of cash while travelling. A few years ago I discovered that buses are, in fact, a great option to move around Europe - if you do not mind some minor discomfort, of course. After a 12-hour trip from Paris to Marseille I shared a few tips on what to wear, what to pack and how to prepare for a night on the bus to ensure that you have a pleasant time on-board. So, if you are planning to travel with MegaBus, FlixBus or Lux Express this summer, I suggest clicking here to read more.

Travelling with anxiety. Another topic that always hits close to home when it comes to travelling, is how to deal with anxiety (unfortunately, some of us have a really weird nervous system - the one that does not really give a damn whether we are running from a lion or sipping rosé outside). In the article entitled "How to Travel When You Suffer with Anxiety" I talk about the stigma that surrounds it and also share some of the tricks I try to use to minimize the risk of having a panic attack when all I want to do is enjoy an enchanting new place.

Couchsurfing. Even if you yourself have never had enough courage to ask to stay in a stranger's flat, you've probably heard of other people doing just that. Since I registered on Couchsurfing, I had both amazing and awful experiences, and in this entry right here I am discussing the pros, the cons and the little things that will increase your chances of having a safe and fun trip.

Mid-century style in "Breathless". A short but sweet blog post that my readers seem to like is dedicated to the outfits of the character that Jean Seberg depicted in the nouvelle vague film "À Bout de Souffle". Even if fashion is not something you care about, I would still recommend checking this brilliant movie that was shot in black and white!

"Parlez-vous Français?" series. When I founded Appelez-moi Ana, my intention was to have a creative outlet (I had a pretty stressful office job at the time), but also something that would motivate me to keep moving toward my goal (which was, in a nutshell, moving to France). In the "PVF" series I talked about the ups and downs along my thorny path of studying French - from switching schools after realizing I was wasting my money on lessons with a teacher who really does not know how to teach to some little things that helped me go from zero to hero (yes, level A2+ does make me feel like a hero).

Now that I have shared the most interesting, beautiful and useful articles from the archives of this blog, it is time for you to share your thoughts in the comments section down below! I do not have the ambition to grow Appelez-moi Ana into something that will bring income, invitations to red carpet events and parcels of luxury goods piling behind my front door, but it would be nice to know that there are people out there who appreciate my effort of delivering high-quality content and look forward to the new posts - as much as I look forward to putting them together.

What would you like to read about on Appelez-moi Ana? Maybe you want me to talk about my studies and things like TOEFL? Maybe you want me to stop blabbering on and on and share more photos from my trips? Or maybe you really do not see a point in my reviews on fashion exhibitions? What about the design and the layout - is the website user-friendly or not? You can be as general or specific as you want - any feedback will be appreciated as I am trying to figure out the new direction for this online space. Thank you!

Photos by me. Editing by Sergey Povoroznyuk

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