About Me

My name is Anastasia, or simply Ana.
When I was a little girl I used to think I was named after the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanova, but nowadays people tend to associate my name with Anastasia Steele from "Fifty Shades of Grey". Oh well.

After I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Art History in my hometown of St. Petersburg, I decided to pursue my dreams and relocate to Paris to study International Fashion and Luxury Management at Institut Français de la Mode. At the end of my studies, I did an internship in the Marketing & Merchandising department at Dior Men's.
I am currently working in the fashion industry in Paris.

* * *

Appelez-moi Ana was launched in October 2015 when I was just starting learning French. It was a way for me to keep myself motivated and document my journey toward the ultimate goal: moving to Paris. On its pages I talked about my struggles with French, discussed the oh-so popular books about Parisian chic, gave advice on how to travel with anxiety, shared photos from fashion exhibitions and even taste tested macarons. Since its launch, Appelez-moi Ana has been offering content in two languages, English and Russian, to cater to audiences both in Russia and abroad.

Even though I fully admit that people hardly read blogs anymore, I would like to continue sharing my experiences, to both document them for myself and to, hopefully, give more clarity and confidence to those of you who may currently be on a journey similar to mine. Let's inspire each other.

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