My name is Anastasia, or simply Ana, and I'm a 25-year-old Russian girl living in St. Petersburg. At the moment I'm studying arts and working in fashion. In October 2015 I started learning French in order to pursue my dream of moving to Paris once I obtain my bachelor's degree. My interests include fashion, football, traveling and volunteering at international sports events.

This website was created to document and inspire. On its pages I'm gonna talk about learning (or rather struggling to learn) French, exploring the City of Lights, my favorite cafes, movies, books, artists and all things fashion and beauty. I'm gonna ask my friends why some of them hate Paris, taste test macarons and share my tips on traveling.

All photos are taken either with Nikon D90 or iPhone 5S.

Bonne journée!


  1. Hi Ana!
    Your website is very beautiful! I have a friend who is learning the French language. She loves this language. I also think beautiful.
    I want you realize your dream, but I'm going to ask you one thing: never forget your friends. :)

    1. Hey Alberto! Muito obrigado!
      Yes, French is beautiful indeed - it surprised me when I hear that some people actually dislike the sound of it, hehe.

      And thank you so much for the wise advice! I won't.)